2020 new trends for your beach wedding


 How are you?

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Maria, your flamboyant Author of this post, has gone through the best of the niche to find for you what can work on a beach wedding in Mexico. 

Happy New year, everyone!

7 wedding trends that I foresee 


Green Vibes. 

Sustainable weddings are on the rise and we’re here for it. Finally! Do not buy dead flowers, use little plants… that can be gifted to your guests or to the beach club to maintain the natural dune environment.

Create an event that is personal: no second chance to have a first wedding…. So be bold in respecting yourselves and your ways. Donate a part of the wedding budget to a Charity and invite your guests to do the same, organize a beach volleyball day before the wedding to play together, have your father act as the minister, or a friend, do wear that barrette or use nothing, 2020 is the year of Freedom. Is this You? Be it! At 54, I have discovered that life is easier if you do not strive against your essence, so please do yourselves a favor: flow unencumbered with your style!!


Original favors *and flavors…

 I am Italian, so food is quite important in my life. I dreamt all my life of wedding favors that I can eat. Why not offer the gift of love that can be munched on? After all, wedding favors are so 90’s: spin the idea and give nothing to keep, but a good sweet or salty snack for the guests to enjoy…possibly organic… From dried papaya to Mexican cocoa or coffee to organic pretzels… you can have fun  giving to each guest a different snack!! and also inspire your menu to the food you love: mix and match national dishes to create a gastronomic trip around the world.

Put yummy and not stuff in your wedding: gift an edible favor!


Mystic corners 

 One of my fav themes about 2020 wedding trends, is mysticism. 

Spirituality combines many things: crystals gifts, copal or sage during the ceremony, palo Santo to take home, clairvoyants ….even aura photo booths. Don’t force this though, make it work for you —donate to  guests  a rose quartz crystal, stone of the heart chakra, or ask your guests to pass around your wedding rings during your ceremony, imbuing them with good energy and well wishes. 

I love the new idea of creating a little corner with a tarot reader or a palm reader to keep the party going also when they are tired of dancing! Keep the reader busy for 2 hours, telling him or her to keep the readings to 5′ and you will have a lot of positive comments from the crowd! 


Minimalist gown *that allows you to breath

 In almost 20 years I have had my share of bustling and un bustling wedding gowns (I also had a bride swoon because it was too tight…). 

Free your belly! No more tight dresses, use your figure to the best, make peace with your body form: we all are beautiful in our own way! (I myself have 8 extra lbs and dress to kill nonetheless, when I feel like it)

Add personal accents (barrettes, no veils, crown of dry flowers): they  are all 2020.


New ways to sit your people 

Tired of the usual 8 people per table? Create a seating plan that rocks. Young crowd? Sit them on pillows like in Morocco! Or have a flowy line of tables… Surprise the crowd

with a different seating arrangement or with original ways to tell them where to sit. You can also do a sign for the menu that is not printed, but on wood or a mirror…. And how about drinkable (or edible) escort cards??


Wedding vows that wow

Boring is off.

… just open Google and check what’s new for you? Writers are finding each day new ways to say I love you, why not explore how to say I marry you in a new personal way? 

My guy told me: “I want you to be who you are and be able to deal with that.”

 I find that very real and romantic!! Let’s all be ourselves truly and rejoice that we have found our tribe. It is a beautiful day to be able to laugh and enjoy with your people, the ones who will always have your back.

This is your special day and no doubt you are already considering the venue, the flowers and your guest list but at the very heart of it all will be your ceremony, so let’s make it really cool!

There are no rules, there are no limitations! We listen to your ideas, wishes and desires and work with you to create a beautiful, tailor-made ceremony that reflects you as a couple, delivered to the highest standard.

You may already have an idea of your dream ceremony, or you may need a little guidance; we can discuss the many options available to you; creating your perfect personalized ceremony.


When it comes to wedding decor, the bolder, the better. 

Bursts of color: that is new decade! When I think of 2020, I  see colorful and full of Creativity. The average age of the ones who are getting married now is 33, that means that soon the kids born in the 90s will marry (Omg I have a daughter born in 98….). Dynamic ideas  like holographic stationery, Mixology of non alcoholic drinks, pistachio green, lavender hanging floral centerpieces, matching patterns, such as buffalo check, gingham, toile, bold florals, moon bounces…

Holly and Matt, now in Africa!

 Millennials are into new vintage… so offer to your guests a different show and enjoy creating it!