Adrian and Lexi Wedding at Gran Coral

Two gorgeous people got married… and this is the day of their wedding seen through my eyes.

A bride is always beautiful. When her eyes sparkle with happiness her looks transcend. Lexi has an internal beauty and a big heart that shines and did not actually need much to enhance it. Though she really enjoyed her getting ready… I heard they had some bottles of prosecco!

The weather and the sky were perfect during the whole day. The ceremony was held by the father of the groom. His mother, with her crew of aunties, created the flower arrangements. Nothing is more personal than that!

Sometimes there are people very dear to the couple that are no longer with us. They can be present in an empty chair with a flower or in a pendant, like that day, attached to the bouquet. Love goes over the limits of the physical presence. It is in our hearts and in our memories. Grandpa was there that day.

The ceremony also had a trio of musicians playing classic songs to make the atmosphere even more romantic and during the cocktail there were mariachi tunes! Fiesta!!!!!

Champagne was offered at the entrance of the reception.
Little details everywhere.

The places was magnificent as always although it is the people that give it soul and make the party a success.
Tasty Mexican dishes were catered and designed exactly for their party, while tequila was everywhere. Of course the Mexican churro could not be missed!

Speeches and unexpected special songs made the night. I had to go and find a guitar somewhere as the guest who wanted to play did not bring one. Well, one of the waiters is a musician so we solved it in-house.

First dance, father and daughter and mother and son opened the party over the infinity dance floor!

We even had a “professional” diver!!!! You might have seen him in some Olympics (maybe the tequila party one!)

A beautiful cake. An excuse for more hugging and kisses

Bouquet and garter. Some girls were excited and others not so much…while Adrian did a good show to get his prize

With LOVE, Erica.