Why you want to get married in Mexico

The 5 real reasons behind your destination wedding and why your sister wants to do it too!

** Unrepeatable Experience **

A lone beach is ideal for a spiritual wedding

Inimitability is important! You, me, everybody is one singular different individual, so should be your wedding. Do you dream of a tropical beach with palm trees? In Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya/Tulum, we got them. Check out http://www.selvatica.com.mx

Are you into Mayan history, antique ruins, sacred cenotes and a shaman blessing your union? we were the first ones to organize spiritual weddings in 2001 at the famous restaurant Yaxche, on 8th street. We now adore the Alux restaurant, in a large cave (check http://www.aluxrestaurant.com)

Choosing an exceptional Destination adds memorability, an element fundamental for the memories to come, providing both the couple and guests with a one-of-a-kind experience. Do you want to go down in history of weddings? Be bold!

**Stunning Backdrops**

Destination weddings always take place in picturesque locations, offering breathtaking natural backdrops that enhance the overall aesthetic of the wedding ceremony. You won’t need a lot of decor with sand, blue sky and the Caribbean sea!

** Extended Celebration ** (and you can be as crazy as you want)

Got a fantasy? Unlike traditional weddings that may last only a day, destination weddings often involve extended celebrations, providing more time for bonding and creating lasting memories. Many clients brought their pets, could share their dream of renting a carriage with horse like a princess, could skydive (with http://www.skydive.com.mx) into the wedding or … anything you like. We are always ready to help with fantastic ideas!!

**Built-in Honeymoon:**

Many couples opt for destination weddings to seamlessly transition into their honeymoon, saving time and offering a convenient and romantic start to their married life.

Did you know that two of our clients won a few months ago a three days stay in a 4 starts Tulum Hotel thanks to a winning contest by http://www.weddingsvacations.com… Lucky strike!

** Guests Memories Creation **

Go all the way!

The ones who will follow you to Mexico are the ones who will go to the extremes for you two. Memories will be created at large, from the flight to Cancun Airport, to the last Corona beer (or Mezcal) before boarding, you are gifting your family and friends with a shower of memories. Add to that a photo booth, a trip by catamaran or a little costume extravaganza and the cost of attending a destination wedding can naturally result in a large PRO, enabling a more meaningful and personal celebration.

Your wedding will be a legend long told…and that is why your little sister wants to do it too!

First dance at your wedding? SHINE!!!

We all dance, some timidly move to the music, some are born tribal dancers, most of us, unless you are a natural born danseur, are shy to dance in public.

Yet, why do we dance? Ancient dances were natural movements of the body in a rhythmic way, usually to music/percussions and within a given space. They had the purpose of expressing a story, an idea or emotion, releasing energy, or simply taking delight in the movement itself. Humans have always tried to express themselves and shed a light to the darkness inside and outside of ourselves…

Perth,Wa: Group of Aboriginal Australians people in traditional Dances

What is the meaning of a first dance? To have those feelings of love flush your body. Be sexy, funny, joyful, shy, present!! your first dance as a married couple is a profound moment at your destination wedding in Playa del Carmen. It’s an opportunity to showcase your love and create a first memory for both you and your guests. To help you make this moment poignant and magical, we’we compiled a list of five of the best song and dances that will leave everyone in awe. Thanks to DJ Diego Alvarado from @Evolution mix for your advice!

Here is OUR DJ Diego in Tulum! Best DJ in the Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen & Tulum for us at www.Weddingsinplaya.com. We love you DiegoDjdiegoalvarado!! We had fun finding the most famoust first dance wedding songs we have assisted to in our last 10 years… Read on!

My list of timeless tunes of first dance wedding songs:

  1. The Righteous Bros – Unchained melody A classic.
    For whom:
    • For couples who want to embrace elegance of a timeless first dance, Unchained melody is a perfect choice. This soulful ballad’s heartfelt lyrist and captivating harmony set the stage for romance. Consider taking a few dance lessons to add some choreographic moves that complement the song’s enchantment.

Thanks for the photos to www.lilibretonphoto.com, www.delsolphotography.com and www.abphotostudio.com for the lovely photos!

2. Ruelle – I get to love you Slow, sweet and short. Pop slow romantic first dance song where you can combine contemporary and pop elements, making it ideal if you do not want to spend too much energy for your first dance. Keep it to 2′ and end with a fab kiss…

3. Beyonce & JayZ. – Crazy in love. Oh Oh oh oh oh! You got me so crazy baby… Channel your inner hip hop avatar with an urban or street dance routine. And if you feel really original, transform it in a general dance having more guests join you. Crazy in love offers a mix of R&B and rap elements, making it a perfect choice for showcasing your funky moves and high energy chemistry. Go surprise the crowd!

4. Marc Anthony – Vivir mi vida We are a few miles away from Cuba, Playa del Carmen being a short one hour flight away. Salsa is a lively and passionate dance style that will infuse your fist dance with excitement. Vivir la vida means to live life and it is an hymn to joy and do it that way you WANT to do it. Exactly what i think of every Destination wedding: celebrate and do it your way! This song will inspire you to move, spin, turn and intricate footwork for an electric performance. Not for the shy couples.

5. Frank Sinatra – Fly me to the MOON Swing dance brings me back to the 40’s and their elegance. If you are up for a timeless choice that will have guests tapping their feet and joining in the fun, that is your tune. Lively, elegant and swing forever! You will feel beautiful flying to your moon…

Remember,regardless of the dance style and song you choose, make sure to pracitce and get comfy with the routine to ensure a confident and memorable performance. The long dress is ardous to dance with and challenging to dance next to: practice with a long skirt, please! Tailor the dance to your own personalities and let your love and fun together shine through, creating a first dance that reflects the unique essence of you both. That is what we all are here to admire and celebrate: your rare, unique and incomparable love story.

The Cost of it All

Wedding budgets and how to save some serious $$$$

Dollars are money spent for budgeting wedding
We have been organizing weddings since 2001 and know some tricks!

Weddings in Mexico! white beach, palm trees and tequilas!! Cheap price right? ehemmm…

All in all organizing these events was extremely cheap 20 years ago when we started the business yet certainly this has changed since all venues have doubled their fees and post- Covid prices have increased. Additionally, flights and hotel rooms have caught up.

plants as wedding decor
Plants instead of flowers

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes and with varying price tags. All things considere, hosting a beautiful wedding doesn’t have to mean to go into debt nor breaking the bank (unless you know how to…). We’ve used our collective experience to put together a list of the best wedding budget tips and hacks. Preparation and research can help save you a lot of your hard-earned money as you plan the big day.

Throw the wedding of your dreams with these wedding budget tips and money-savings secrets

You can have the wedding you’ve always wanted without wiping out your savings.

In this paragraph, moreover, i will suggest how to plan your wedding clearly during a less traditional time of year or time of day to make your rupee/dollar/peso/euro as well as that yin stretch… In addition some hotels give great accomodation deals if you book a large group! (we love https://www.hyatt.com/es-ES/hotel/mexico/grand-hyatt-playa-del-carmen-resort/cunpc)

1. Book in the off-season

Above all, if you’re interested in a destination wedding, choosing a wedding date during slower seasons can save you a lot of money on venue rental, overnight accommodations, flights and more, however that is not always the case. Check online deal and your TA or OTA.

2. Avoid holidays

Another key point is to avoid holidays and other special events that raise local prices. All in all in conclusion it should be noted that to have it at one location, so wedding ceremony, cocktail and reception will be less expensive!

dogs at wedding can be fun
Watch our for uninvited guests! Be clear with your friends if you allow +1…

Booking the venue ( Btw: we love https://bluevenadoweddings.com/)

3. Keep the guest list small

Altogether a small, intimate wedding will save the bride and the groom money on venue rental as well as food and beverage service,but in case of a very large wedding (i am planning one for 300 right now!), ask your guests for no gifts but cash contributions: however couples have everything since they already live together and that will help you both to give the party you dream of!

4. Look for venues that allow outside vendor setup

Also bringing in external vendors is often cheaper than using the in-house version and make sure to ask about additional fees for using outside vendors, set up/tear down fees, gratuity, and any other fees that may unexpectedly arise. Ask to see an example contract and compare various venue policies. We love DJ DIego https://www.instagram.com/evolutionmixaudiovisual/?hl=en

5. Create the ideal menu

Dance carefree because your budget is looking good!

Skip a full-plated dinner service that requires serving staff and includes multiple courses. Family style or buffet are great and everyone can get what they want! In conclusion altogether forget the cake and go for the delightful Mexican pastries like the ones we buy at http://www.chezceline.com.mx/ or at https://ahcacao.com/… We are clients and as a result have been buying for our couples their fab brownies ( for https://ahcacao.com/) and the creme brulee and mini tarts (@http://www.chezceline.com.mx/) since they opened!!

Brownie from Ah cacao

Ah cacao brownies, to die for…

6. Extend your cocktail hour to transition into the reception

As cocktail hour is wrapping up, unveil a slider bar, charcuterie station and break out the entertainment to seamlessly transition into the reception without including dinner service.

Signature drinks make your cocktail more you!

Thrifty decorations yet super cool!!

Spend your money where it matters most. Don’t allow decorations to take over your wedding budget; save money with these great tips. In addition, Pinterest is a super great helper!!!
7. Stick with one theme

Choose one style—one color scheme—and stick to it. Extra flowers, tissue paper, or linen can easily be repurposed to save elsewhere. Please no more gold and violet! seen and re-seen…

8. Paper flowers

Instead of shelling out major money for fresh flowers (be planet savvy since flowers have a high cost) , consider mini plants (like the ones at http://www.jardinfloreria.com) or origami flowers or other crafty DIY alternatives. Furthermore, they are they a bargain, they last a lot longer than “the real thing.” Plus they make a great gift at the end of the night! Arches also can be DIY…

Our clients were creative and got a unique decor for their kissable moment!

The look

We all want to look our best on our wedding day too; that’s a given (that is why our make up artists are the best: we use https://www.sarahgarnier.com/ and https://www.dorannahairstylist.com/ . Furthermore, you can still go glam without gutting your expense budget.

9. Accentuate a simple dress with standout accessories

Simple, classic dresses can easily be taken up a notch with an eye-catching accessory. Lastly, choose jewelry, hair accessories, or shoes that stand out when paired with an affordable gown.

Me helping a client wear their jewelry

10. Choose a simple hairstyle and add a headband or barrette (or find a good friend…)

Stylists are typically needed for excessive updos. Choose a simple, elegant hairstyle accentuated by a headband or barrette to save on styling costs. If you have good friends, you can ask them for a make up or a touch up…

Friends in action…

Financial planning

Financial responsibility is essential to wedding planning with less stress. It’s also a core component of a healthy marriage foundation. Start your marriage off right by setting financial goals, tracking expenses, and working with your partner to stay within a designated budget.

11. Discuss your budget with your partner and agree early on

Set goals and limits that you both agree on. Ensuring that you’re on the same page from the beginning will help avoid unnecessary drama down the line. Set a credit limit, and don’t go over it… Be financially responsible with your wedding planning. If you are comfortable paying off $500 of credit card debt this year, for example, set that limit and stick to it. If you can’t afford it, don’t charge anything at all. Only purchase what you can afford right now.

12. Decide what details are negotiable

Pinpoint “must have” and “can definitely live without” wedding details so that you can allocate money to what you want most. Take advantage of credit rewards and benefits. f you already have a credit card or two, research your reward benefits. See which retailers your creditor partners with to find unadvertised discounts and cash-back opportunities.

13. Look for unexpected expenseTry to anticipate any unforeseen expenses. Will you need to rent restroom trailers for an outdoor wedding? Is there ample parking? Most venues in Riviera Maya are far away from the city. consider that… what is the cost of transportation for the guests? and what if they want to leave earlier? Ask us for everything you need to know, we are always available at Watsapp +529838337771. You can never have too many options. Buy and create the items you really want and set for a budget friendly and amazing wedding day!! ENJOY in the creation…

Thanks for the photos to : https://delsolphotography.com/, https://www.lilibretonphoto.com/ https://www.facebook.com/officialABPhotography, /https://deansandersonweddings.com/ https://naalweddingphotography.com/

Weddings In Playa Laura Joe
Thanks to all the great vendors that make my job easy

Together is a great place to be

Isla Mujeres, 2 people in love and their fans:

Some people are worth melting for


You did it!

Once upon a time, Katie and Pawel met. They had their eyes set on a wedding in Mexico and Isla Mujeres’s history dates back over 1500 years when it was part of the Maya province Ekab. The island served as the sanctuary for the Goddess Ixchel, the Maya goddess of the Moon, Textile, Fertility, Medicine and Women.  They wanted such a great spot to be a scenery for their event.

They had chosen the amazing location of Zamas, on the south side of the island.

I imagine you all know the result: 2020 and the lovely Covid arrived and their wedding was moved year by year. While working full time and moving to a new home, they kept positive and engaged with the wedding plans and never lost their humor: I told you they are amazing!

Many vendors changed, many people lost their business and changed address, but we kept working together. Their optimism and generosity during our conversations I still remember!

So 2022 arrived and we all met on the Island for the final planning days!

Getting ready

Being such fun and carefree personalities they have lots of friends and all of them came to the wedding! Here is Katie with her BM, with their custom made shirts!!

Oh lala

The wedding was spectacular, the sun was out and the weather was blessing us with a sumptuous breeze. Andrew Roberts was the designated officiant and he entertained us with funny stories and skillful anecdotes from the couple’s lives.

Ring on

What a great service. A dash of humor is always appreciated, thank You Andrew!

Great wedding, great people, amazing memories
Almost there

After the ceremony, a cocktail on the beach for all, while Lili Breton delighted every guest taking photos. At 7,30 buffet and the big surprise entered after dinner, since bride and groom had booked a 5 elements wind band that made its entrance with the Dj in a joyful and special manner: on a catamaran!

The charming couple on the dancefloor

The night, as it usually happens, was too short so we all went to party to another location, but that is secret because what happens in Isla stays in Isla. And that’s it!


Hair: Sonya Seale (IG: @hair.by.sonya.seale)

Officiant: Andrew Roberts

Photos Lili Breton Photography (lilibretonphotography)

Dress: Grace Loves Lace

http://graceloveslace (IG: @grace_loves_lace)

Shoes: Dolce Vita

Earrings: Anna Campbell

Pawel’s ring: Oura (IG: @ouraring)

Best wedding details for the Season

From chair ornaments to table enhancement, wedding details are the nuts and bolt of a well-planned wedding… small decorations that create THE personal touch!

Flowers are life


We have seen a lot of great weddings over 21 years, but sometimes the little wedding details really stand out. Sometimes more is less. Create a stunning wedding look narrowing down what style or theme fits your wedding ideal day. A fantastic way to browse into this is Pinterest, where you can literally spy what others do…

It’s certain that all wedding plans are overwhelming. It’s common to forget about the little details that make your day amazing. Ideas that you love. Plants, flags and candles are budget-friendly ornaments that will amp up your wedding’s wow point …

Flowers are important, but for an Instagram WOW view introduce details that capture your values, story and what you cherish most (including furry pets, which we adore!!)…


Ask yourselves: do we intend a more time-honored and traditional wedding, or more fresh and modern? How would we describe our interior design style and/or fashion sense? Are there any hobbies, passions, or unique aspects of our personalities, culture, and relationship we could creatively weave through our design? 

Tequila breaks the ice

Create a wedding that talks about you and you will create a life time memory that will remind your guests about You.

Naal and AB Photography, thank You!

Wedding Checklist Mexico: the ultimate guide

Whether you will venture into the insidious do-it-yourself or will ask for help to a wedding planner, our

Wedding Checklist Mexico

is here to guide you down the aisle and make sure you don’t forget anything. 

Take the stress out of planning and allow yourself to enjoy your big day to the max. Here are our top recommended wedding planning steps for tying the knot stress-free:

Have a clear idea of what you want

That seems easy, but with all the offers, it can be tricky. AlI Inclusive or beach? Full reception or meet and greet? a cake or a churro cart?

Decisions, decisions.

Discuss with your beau and have a clear idea of what is important to you …. is Nr 1.

 Select the venue

Once you choose the venue, your wedding starts to take shape. Selecting the venue is one of the biggest decisions you will make about your wedding as its location affects almost every other aspect, from the number of guests to the flowers you will be putting on the tables. There are many options when it comes to wedding venues, but  generally fall in two categories: local venues and AI Hotels. Each option has its own pros and cons, with destination wedding bringing benefits such as enjoying a unique experience, having the best scenery for photo sessions, spending your honeymoon in the same spot, and benefiting from the services of an in-house wedding planner.

Determine your budget

We admit, numbers are not always fun, but you need to do the math before you start planning. Knowing the bottom line of your wedding will allow you to make the right decisions regarding service providers and allocate funds accordingly. A smart way of keeping track of your spending and adjusting numbers when necessary is creating a detailed spreadsheet from the beginning. A Wedding in Mexico is not as cheap as many years ago: the quality of venues and vendors has paired up to the costs in your country. Nowadays you need to think your budget and work with an expert to make it work.

Book vendors

Vendors that book up quickly such as photographer, band, DJ, and videographer should be chosen in time and after careful consideration. These people will either make your night fun or a disappointment, so do your research before hiring, ask every question you can imagine, and meet them in person to make sure you click together. Ask your friends who have done it before and ask the vendor for references.

Take engagement photos

Your wedding day photos will not be a surprise when you take engagement photos in advance. This is a great opportunity to practice being in front of the camera and will also help you create visual content for your wedding website.

Send invitations

Once you have decided your wedding style and your venue you can have your invitations ordered. The degree of formality of your wedding will define the style and wording of your wedding invitation. You can go creative with your wedding invitations by choosing unusual shapes and sizes, but regardless of how your invitations look, make sure they are legible and you choose your words wisely.


One of the last tasks that you need to complete is writing your vows. But you is You… dare to be bold (if that is your style) or sweet (if that is your style). At the same time, meet with your officiant and organize together a rehearsal ceremony so you make sure he or she gets right the tone you want for your ceremony.

Either a wedding for 10 or 300, the right formula is being happy with every choice of your event. To do do, only you can understand what Is IMPORTANT: add or eliminate items from it depending on your expectations from the big day. And, most of all remember to have fun and don’t take anything too seriously!

Photos credit: Playawedding. Del Sol, Marina Pochepkina, AB Foto studio. TO all THANKS