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Isla Mujeres, 2 people in love and their fans:

Some people are worth melting for


You did it!

Once upon a time, Katie and Pawel met. They had their eyes set on a wedding in Mexico and Isla Mujeres’s history dates back over 1500 years when it was part of the Maya province Ekab. The island served as the sanctuary for the Goddess Ixchel, the Maya goddess of the Moon, Textile, Fertility, Medicine and Women.  They wanted such a great spot to be a scenery for their event.

They had chosen the amazing location of Zamas, on the south side of the island.

I imagine you all know the result: 2020 and the lovely Covid arrived and their wedding was moved year by year. While working full time and moving to a new home, they kept positive and engaged with the wedding plans and never lost their humor: I told you they are amazing!

Many vendors changed, many people lost their business and changed address, but we kept working together. Their optimism and generosity during our conversations I still remember!

So 2022 arrived and we all met on the Island for the final planning days!

Getting ready

Being such fun and carefree personalities they have lots of friends and all of them came to the wedding! Here is Katie with her BM, with their custom made shirts!!

Oh lala

The wedding was spectacular, the sun was out and the weather was blessing us with a sumptuous breeze. Andrew Roberts was the designated officiant and he entertained us with funny stories and skillful anecdotes from the couple’s lives.

Ring on

What a great service. A dash of humor is always appreciated, thank You Andrew!

Great wedding, great people, amazing memories
Almost there

After the ceremony, a cocktail on the beach for all, while Lili Breton delighted every guest taking photos. At 7,30 buffet and the big surprise entered after dinner, since bride and groom had booked a 5 elements wind band that made its entrance with the Dj in a joyful and special manner: on a catamaran!

The charming couple on the dancefloor

The night, as it usually happens, was too short so we all went to party to another location, but that is secret because what happens in Isla stays in Isla. And that’s it!


Hair: Sonya Seale (IG:

Officiant: Andrew Roberts

Photos Lili Breton Photography (lilibretonphotography)

Dress: Grace Loves Lace

http://graceloveslace (IG: @grace_loves_lace)

Shoes: Dolce Vita

Earrings: Anna Campbell

Pawel’s ring: Oura (IG: @ouraring)

Best wedding details for the Season

From chair ornaments to table enhancement, wedding details are the nuts and bolt of a well-planned wedding… small decorations that create THE personal touch!

Flowers are life


We have seen a lot of great weddings over 21 years, but sometimes the little wedding details really stand out. Sometimes more is less. Create a stunning wedding look narrowing down what style or theme fits your wedding ideal day. A fantastic way to browse into this is Pinterest, where you can literally spy what others do…

It’s certain that all wedding plans are overwhelming. It’s common to forget about the little details that make your day amazing. Ideas that you love. Plants, flags and candles are budget-friendly ornaments that will amp up your wedding’s wow point …

Flowers are important, but for an Instagram WOW view introduce details that capture your values, story and what you cherish most (including furry pets, which we adore!!)…


Ask yourselves: do we intend a more time-honored and traditional wedding, or more fresh and modern? How would we describe our interior design style and/or fashion sense? Are there any hobbies, passions, or unique aspects of our personalities, culture, and relationship we could creatively weave through our design? 

Tequila breaks the ice

Create a wedding that talks about you and you will create a life time memory that will remind your guests about You.

Naal and AB Photography, thank You!

Wedding Checklist Mexico: the ultimate guide

Whether you will venture into the insidious do-it-yourself or will ask for help to a wedding planner, our

Wedding Checklist Mexico

is here to guide you down the aisle and make sure you don’t forget anything. 

Take the stress out of planning and allow yourself to enjoy your big day to the max. Here are our top recommended wedding planning steps for tying the knot stress-free:

Have a clear idea of what you want

That seems easy, but with all the offers, it can be tricky. AlI Inclusive or beach? Full reception or meet and greet? a cake or a churro cart?

Decisions, decisions.

Discuss with your beau and have a clear idea of what is important to you …. is Nr 1.

 Select the venue

Once you choose the venue, your wedding starts to take shape. Selecting the venue is one of the biggest decisions you will make about your wedding as its location affects almost every other aspect, from the number of guests to the flowers you will be putting on the tables. There are many options when it comes to wedding venues, but  generally fall in two categories: local venues and AI Hotels. Each option has its own pros and cons, with destination wedding bringing benefits such as enjoying a unique experience, having the best scenery for photo sessions, spending your honeymoon in the same spot, and benefiting from the services of an in-house wedding planner.

Determine your budget

We admit, numbers are not always fun, but you need to do the math before you start planning. Knowing the bottom line of your wedding will allow you to make the right decisions regarding service providers and allocate funds accordingly. A smart way of keeping track of your spending and adjusting numbers when necessary is creating a detailed spreadsheet from the beginning. A Wedding in Mexico is not as cheap as many years ago: the quality of venues and vendors has paired up to the costs in your country. Nowadays you need to think your budget and work with an expert to make it work.

Book vendors

Vendors that book up quickly such as photographer, band, DJ, and videographer should be chosen in time and after careful consideration. These people will either make your night fun or a disappointment, so do your research before hiring, ask every question you can imagine, and meet them in person to make sure you click together. Ask your friends who have done it before and ask the vendor for references.

Take engagement photos

Your wedding day photos will not be a surprise when you take engagement photos in advance. This is a great opportunity to practice being in front of the camera and will also help you create visual content for your wedding website.

Send invitations

Once you have decided your wedding style and your venue you can have your invitations ordered. The degree of formality of your wedding will define the style and wording of your wedding invitation. You can go creative with your wedding invitations by choosing unusual shapes and sizes, but regardless of how your invitations look, make sure they are legible and you choose your words wisely.


One of the last tasks that you need to complete is writing your vows. But you is You… dare to be bold (if that is your style) or sweet (if that is your style). At the same time, meet with your officiant and organize together a rehearsal ceremony so you make sure he or she gets right the tone you want for your ceremony.

Either a wedding for 10 or 300, the right formula is being happy with every choice of your event. To do do, only you can understand what Is IMPORTANT: add or eliminate items from it depending on your expectations from the big day. And, most of all remember to have fun and don’t take anything too seriously!

Photos credit: Playawedding. Del Sol, Marina Pochepkina, AB Foto studio. TO all THANKS

Getting legally married in Mexico

The How and Why

Getting legally married in Mexico is easy. I know that for many of you, young couples reading articles and different reports on the different websites can look confusing, but we assure you that with our experience of 20 years you will have your wedding certificate in no time. We will inform you in this short article of the steps that you need to take to get married to your foreigner fiancee, like many of you are requesting in this long and difficult year.

You need very few requirements to get legally married in Quintana Roo, our State. First of all, if you have never been married, you will need the copy of your passport and copy of your visa entry to Mexico, front and back. If you are divorced, you need to send us a copy of your divorce decree. We will proceed to translate it from English into Spanish with a certified translator.

Once in Playa del Carmen, we will accompany you to the Laboratory to have your blood tests taken and the doctor’s certificates of good health, necessary to the City Hall to start the process. In Mexico, every person who wants to marry has to present these documents.

The process will take about 2 weeks to book the date and, if the Justice of Peace is available, the wedding can be held on a beach or the location that you dream and prefer. A fee is due to the JP for the gas and time out of office.

Getting legally married in Mexico does not mean that you are legally married in your country, the documents have to be apostilled by the Governor of our State and we will organize that for you and send you everything via Fedex. Once you will receive the documents at your residence, you will start the process to validate the wedding certificate in your country. That can take up to 45 days, depending from the various offices, but it is generally done in 3 days.

Once you are married and your wedding has been registered in your country, you are set and can start the different processes due for immigration, if your spouse is from another country. Remember that a lawyer or an immigration expert may be needed, although we have many clients who have done the process themselves.

Getting legally married in Mexico has become very popular in this time of Covid, where many couples of different nationalities have understood the challenges of being in love and engaged to a foreigner. Like all things, it takes some practical challenges, but it is incredibly romantic and with the help our our Senior Planners, you will be able to live, work and experience life in the same place as your companion.

That outcome is what makes us proud to offer such an important service, nowadays.

Many thanks to Alessandro Banchelli from AB Photostudio, Del Sol Photography, Quetzal Photo. Many thanks to Marce Delgado for the legal assistance.

Bay wedding in Paamul

We often cry at weddings, but this time it was lighthearted, relaxed and vibrant. People often ask me why I chose to become a wedding planner. The answer is pretty simple! When my husband and I were searching for our perfect planner, we had real difficulty finding someone who ticked all of our boxes, we wanted someone we could relate to who was trustworthy, vibrant, personable, full of passion and who was able to plan and deliver a wedding that truly reflected us.

Eventually, we found her and she made the whole process such a simple and enjoyable one.
Now, I am the lucky one who is able to create for my couples what our planner did for us and I truly love the whole process!  From our first coffee catch up, to hearing all of the funny little stories that you’ve made throughout your own journey together, to the new journey you’re about to embark on in becoming a married couple.

What i really love at weddings, is the beautiful stories that surround the air. How you met, how you came together, what emerges from your family and friends: the atmosphere you create and feed for the family and friends that join you. It is magic!

Raoul is in love with Jamie

Jamie, the bride, wrote to us: Maria, thank you so much. Yes, the wedding was wonderful. Due in large part to Paula – she gave a beautiful ceremony that a lot of the guests commented on later that night – it was heartfelt and touching, and it just felt like it was being said by someone who truly cared.

The restaurant could not have been more perfect. We were so worried that the seaweed would ruin our day that we actually drove out there that morning to check on it, but it could not have been in better shape. They really do a great job of caring for the beach there. Really impressive. And I say the same for the staff at Paamul. The staff went above and beyond. The food was incredible. I already wrote a review for them on Google. 

What counts is the FUN!

So she wrote and we are extremely happy that another couple has lived a great day! What makes our job real is the people behind the ceremony. Real, vibrant, fun people who want to celebrate life, love and family. We love it!

Grazie to Alessandro Banchelli from PhotostudioAB, Kalu from Paamul and Paula Riquelme, super minister!!


Why we do what we do

Profit is only half of the story. Discover the rest.

Read on to understand why we love what we do (so much) and why we are so grateful to the people of Mexico who have taught us to be real.

Gandhi once said: Be the change you wish to see in the world. I love that because it puts in our hands the authority to do something to change what we do not like. Why do we love Mexico so much? Because it’s helping us to learn this: you can really do more for others and doing that you become something different, something less selfish and more joyful. Like in the Velveteen Rabbit: you become Real.

We have been in business in Mexico for over 20 years. Things have been great and we are still alive. Clients have been wonderful, happenings happened in the right way, we have been lucky and, maybe, diligent. But the real amazing fortune has been to live and learn from Mexicans. When I arrived in Mexico, this is Maria speaking, I was extremely (inadvertently) Eurocentric. I thought that I was coming to live in a Third World country. Little did i know that the limitations were all inside of me and that opening up to this country has been a real blessing. Real good has been done to me. It’s almost impossible to define the Mexican spirit to the ones who do not live or deal with Mexicans. From the outside Mexico looks like a dangerous, messy, chaotic place. I won’t deny that. 

But the spirit of Mexico is a pure, genuine open heart that gives. Only in Mexico can you read a letter to “Dear friend robber” on the door of a business, explaining that there is nothing to steal since “i am a poor devil like you” (real story). Only in Mexico they can steal from you (just a little :-))) and you love them nonetheless because they make you feel happy they are in your life.

There is a true difference between us and them: They take life in a joyful, disenchanted, free way that we only dream of. The real teachers have been my maids, the workers of the garden, the people that have helped me to organize weddings. The real teachers have been the most humble people in all moments of the day showing me generosity without money, joy in loss, security amongst dangers, hope in despair.

I have only received beauty, laughter and real help from all the Mexicans that I have encountered. The price? To open myself to a different way of life, to let go of my (false) securities and my beliefs to grow more and experience a different possibility of being alive… like a MexiCan.