Ten years later… what happens after they say I do?

What happens after the princess marries her prince?

A few success stories after we say good bye…. Happy Val DAY!

Today is February 14th, Saint Valentine.

I am in love with love, not for nothing i do this job.

It is so amazing to get to meet our clients before they get married and start their life together, but what happens after it?

I often remind to my brides that if they put the same effort in the marriage as in the wedding… it will go always incredibly well! Something must stick, because on 600 couples only 5 divorced, so we must bring some luck… or they are quite amazing themselves…

The fact that we say good bye at the beginning of the adventure is not a motive to let years go by without any news. We keep in touch with our ex clients, send them love and also see some of them in Playa, like Erica in this photo!!

We often hear from them, some come to Playa and remarry after 5 or 10 years… we meet the children and i cannot wait to see what else they are going to experience.

Not all have kids, some party like rockstars, like Maryann and Cesar, below, that got married with me in Tulum over 10 years ago….

We love all of their choices, because life is made of real people and real adventure. Here 3 of my fav, Jaimie and Denee, married at Grand Coral 11 years ago.

All of our clients are dear to our hearts, yet time goes by and some of them we never see.

Yet we have fond memories of all of them and wish them a life that is amazing, long and full of love .

A Wedding Without A Wedding – VIP Friendship Dinner 2017

template_logoOf course we specialize in weddings however we are fundamentally Event Planners and provide corporate event planning services like this one which is organised every year in a different part of the world to celebrate United Aerospace Corporation‘s VIP clients.

This year’s event was held in the fabulous Gran Coral Golf Course Restaurant featuring a Mexican Fiesta theme with delicious food, a fashion show and live music from Mariachi Sol del Caribe and Aché Pa Ti Orquesta.

The amazing venue






Delicious food including a cake for the company’s 45th anniversary


Hand made tortillas and tacos



An amazing and atmospheric setting



Fashion Show by Argentinian Stylist Renatte Boheme



The Mariachi’s take the stage



Followed by Aché Pa Ti Orquesta





Thanks to Alessandro Banchelli for the images.