Cenote bliss

Many years ago (almost 25) I arrived to a little village called Playa del Carmen.

I did not know it would change my life. Among the pristine beaches, the amazing coral reef, the incredible great Caribbean sea and the blessed/cursed (depends if it’s night or day!!) mezcal, i also discovered that… near Playa … there were many caves with water, called by the locals cenotes which means a natural pit, or sinkhole, resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath. … The term derives from a word used by the low-land Yucatec Maya—ts’onot—to refer to any location with accessible groundwater.

These locations were quite desert in 1996, when i arrived and few had started to explore them.

PLAYA 1990
Now these palms are a hotel….

Visiting a cenote then, was an amazing adventure: first you had to find a friend with a truck, then venture to the small highway to find some entrance to the cave which was always hidden and very ruined, then convince the guy at gate (if he was there) to enter and swim (at our own risk, as the place was desert). But the prize was a day in cold freshwater and enjoying the jungle at its best!

Cenote at its top beauty

Fast forward 24 years, now a cenote is a fab wedding location, in fact i had 3 weddings in 3 days at the wonderful cenote Buho.

This is one of them.

Kira and Arslan met online 2 years ago, in Canada. Kira is a dedicated animal lover, manages a pet shop and Arslan was fresh from Spain, where he lived most of his life.


It was love at first sight.

They decided to get married in a subtle and relaxed way, inviting the families to a legal ceremony in a cenote, which Kira knew before, as she has come to Playa since childhood.

Her mother, aunts and uncles were at the ceremony and we all had great fun celebrating the young couple and drinking champagne (in plastic glasses, of course, which we took with us to safeguard the pristine ecological environment!!).

After the ceremony we all went back to Playa to enjoy a superb dinner at Aldea Corazon (thanks Oda and Ale)!!! Cake by La Migaja was yummy!!

Thanks to Yesenia for the legal wedding, Isaura Photography for the lovely photos and Namaste tours for the van ride (even if it broke down, but then it is an adventure!!).

To Kira and Arslan ; you are young, you are in love: the world is your Oyster. GO LIVE!