Getting legally married in Mexico

The How and Why

Getting legally married in Mexico is easy. I know that for many of you, young couples reading articles and different reports on the different websites can look confusing, but we assure you that with our experience of 20 years you will have your wedding certificate in no time. We will inform you in this short article of the steps that you need to take to get married to your foreigner fiancee, like many of you are requesting in this long and difficult year.

You need very few requirements to get legally married in Quintana Roo, our State. First of all, if you have never been married, you will need the copy of your passport and copy of your visa entry to Mexico, front and back. If you are divorced, you need to send us a copy of your divorce decree. We will proceed to translate it from English into Spanish with a certified translator.

Once in Playa del Carmen, we will accompany you to the Laboratory to have your blood tests taken and the doctor’s certificates of good health, necessary to the City Hall to start the process. In Mexico, every person who wants to marry has to present these documents.

The process will take about 2 weeks to book the date and, if the Justice of Peace is available, the wedding can be held on a beach or the location that you dream and prefer. A fee is due to the JP for the gas and time out of office.

Getting legally married in Mexico does not mean that you are legally married in your country, the documents have to be apostilled by the Governor of our State and we will organize that for you and send you everything via Fedex. Once you will receive the documents at your residence, you will start the process to validate the wedding certificate in your country. That can take up to 45 days, depending from the various offices, but it is generally done in 3 days.

Once you are married and your wedding has been registered in your country, you are set and can start the different processes due for immigration, if your spouse is from another country. Remember that a lawyer or an immigration expert may be needed, although we have many clients who have done the process themselves.

Getting legally married in Mexico has become very popular in this time of Covid, where many couples of different nationalities have understood the challenges of being in love and engaged to a foreigner. Like all things, it takes some practical challenges, but it is incredibly romantic and with the help our our Senior Planners, you will be able to live, work and experience life in the same place as your companion.

That outcome is what makes us proud to offer such an important service, nowadays.

Many thanks to Alessandro Banchelli from AB Photostudio, Del Sol Photography, Quetzal Photo. Many thanks to Marce Delgado for the legal assistance.