Holly and Matt are really extraordinary. After living in Malawi, Africa, for 6 years, they decided to tie the knot in Mexico, just because. Both British, when I first met them 8 months prior to the wedding, i asked: how long will you be in Playa for? They smiled and said: we are staying here to learn Spanish, so we will be here!! i was delighted. We became great friends and shared many beers and wine, over wedding planning & more. Thanks to Lili Breton for the incredible photos!! Blue Venado Beach Club was decorated to the max. The result? an incredible day, with 50 guests from England, Canada, Malawi and Mexico and a fab incredible wedding. You can see the joy, the party was to die for. After the party in Playa at Fantastic Blue Venado, they left 5 days later to go celebrate another wedding in England. They are really amazing spirits! Happy travels, guys, i hope to meet again!

Holly and Matt

Holly just before walking to the altar….