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Isla Mujeres, 2 people in love and their fans:

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You did it!

Once upon a time, Katie and Pawel met. They had their eyes set on a wedding in Mexico and Isla Mujeres’s history dates back over 1500 years when it was part of the Maya province Ekab. The island served as the sanctuary for the Goddess Ixchel, the Maya goddess of the Moon, Textile, Fertility, Medicine and Women.  They wanted such a great spot to be a scenery for their event.

They had chosen the amazing location of Zamas, on the south side of the island.

I imagine you all know the result: 2020 and the lovely Covid arrived and their wedding was moved year by year. While working full time and moving to a new home, they kept positive and engaged with the wedding plans and never lost their humor: I told you they are amazing!

Many vendors changed, many people lost their business and changed address, but we kept working together. Their optimism and generosity during our conversations I still remember!

So 2022 arrived and we all met on the Island for the final planning days!

Getting ready

Being such fun and carefree personalities they have lots of friends and all of them came to the wedding! Here is Katie with her BM, with their custom made shirts!!

Oh lala

The wedding was spectacular, the sun was out and the weather was blessing us with a sumptuous breeze. Andrew Roberts was the designated officiant and he entertained us with funny stories and skillful anecdotes from the couple’s lives.

Ring on

What a great service. A dash of humor is always appreciated, thank You Andrew!

Great wedding, great people, amazing memories
Almost there

After the ceremony, a cocktail on the beach for all, while Lili Breton delighted every guest taking photos. At 7,30 buffet and the big surprise entered after dinner, since bride and groom had booked a 5 elements wind band that made its entrance with the Dj in a joyful and special manner: on a catamaran!

The charming couple on the dancefloor

The night, as it usually happens, was too short so we all went to party to another location, but that is secret because what happens in Isla stays in Isla. And that’s it!


Hair: Sonya Seale (IG:

Officiant: Andrew Roberts

Photos Lili Breton Photography (lilibretonphotography)

Dress: Grace Loves Lace

http://graceloveslace (IG: @grace_loves_lace)

Shoes: Dolce Vita

Earrings: Anna Campbell

Pawel’s ring: Oura (IG: @ouraring)