Virtues for beach weddings

November is here and winter is almost upon us with its best season in Playa: wedding season. Next March our business will have its 20th birthday and we are incredibly happy to be still working in this amazing and rewarding field. Our approach has been game-changing and we have upped our business as we have learned from every client and every vendor over the years.

We have planned over 500 beach weddings and acquired a long list of virtues that are cardinal to guiding our journey. Humility is the first, always put the client first and listen carefully to the story of their how, what and when. Secondly, generosity.

This involves not just money, but also our skills, knowledge, and time. It also involves the way in which we give, which should be cheerfully and willingly.

Third, assertiveness: setting appropriate boundaries, and doing it in a positive way is extremely important. This virtue has helped us stand up for ourselves and our clients in any situation, say no when we are being pressurized to do something we cannot do (some episodes will go in a book, like ex wives and new wives’ conflicts…) and negotiate when disagreement arises. Treating other people with courtesy and acting according to this virtue, we are letting them know that we value them and respect them. Courtesy also helps us think about our decisions and how they affect other people and makes our interactions whole.

We never stop growing. Becoming virtuous is a lifelong process and we learn until we die. The trend is not in the colors or the type of flowers: it is being you, learning to express your creativity in your wedding because the only worthy end result is a wonderful memory, that you (and us) will cherish together, for years to come.